Summer and Winter Sessions

Summer and Winter Sessions

Hear ye Hear ye!

In 2014, Tiny Circus created Duckyard, the new home for our collaborative summer sessions in 2015 and beyond. Head over to to get more information on how to join!


Want to work, play and create with the Circus? Come join us for a few weeks in Iowa during the summer or New Orleans in the winter.  The Summer and Winter Sessions are a time for us to come up with a project to do together all while envisioning new ways to communicate stories and ideas.

At circus, you’ll work hard, eat well, and play a lot.  You’ll share space with like-minded others and make new friends. Many Summer and Winter Session attendees walk away from the Circus having made lifelong friends and learning about anything from group living to animating software.

Check out our Summer and Winter Session Handbook to see an outline of a typical Summer or Winter Session day and get a sense of what to expect while living at Tiny Circus. In the Handbook you also will find general information about fees, community work, meal and living arrangements.