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Have you ever wondered if there's a way humans can work together and feel good about it? A situation in which everyone in the circle is cared for, respected, and listened to?

Collaboration is hard, but it is possible. Tiny Circus believes that it's essential for humans to figure out how to collaborate, and collaborate equitably, because how else are we going to move into the future together without leaving anyone behind? 



Communication is a key part of the process when building something with other people for other people. We think about how we can best communicate with our collaborators by using hand signals, facilitation, and other methods inspired by the tools of grassroots movement builders. 


And as makers-of-things, we think about how we can communicate to our audiences. What is it important to say right now? How do we say it in a way that fits the circumstances, the social context of the moment? In our documentary work, we create compelling, thoughtful, and clear narratives about social issues meant to provoke critical thinking and connection building. In our work with elementary schools, we tell fun and fanciful stories about animals and everyday objects. It's all part of the Tiny Circus story.



We believe that everyone is creative and has the potential to find joy, agency, and healing in making things. Some of us have more access to building ourselves up by being creative than others. Some of us are rewarded more for the type of creativity we exercise than others. Tiny Circus is interested in getting rid of those hierarchies.


When we invite people to have a seat at the table, we believe that they are going to bring something beautiful and interesting to share regardless of credentials. Our goal is to make the table a safe enough place so that the sharing can occur without fear of rejection and judgement. 

We know that when humans bring their own wonder and creativity and put that together with others', the result is something powerful and magical that could not have been created on a solo mission. We're modeling how we want to see societies move forward. How can we make our table wide and safe?

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