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Tiny Circus is a group of people using non-hierarchical collaboration to make stop-motion animations, zines, audio documentaries, and other media. Emerging from community of makers with ties to Grinnell, Iowa, Tiny Circus has grown to include hundreds of collaborators across the country through its workshops at schools, arts organizations, and film festivals.

Tiny Circus has unique working methods developed by participants in our workshops over the years. These methods have been recorded, practiced, and brought on tour to share with new groups. Our crowd-sourced approach to the creative process expands with every project, meaning that all participants shape the mission and culture of Tiny Circus in addition to creating an animation, a zine, or a an audio piece.

Tiny Circus workshops provide people a chance to reconnect with their own creativity, and just as important, to reconnect with each other.

Making something with a group of people can feel challenging at first, but Tiny Circus studies how groups can make their way through the collaborative process and come out on the other side with a result that everyone feels good about.

A group of people sitting on the floor animating a mandala of plates, beans, buttons, and other objects. In the foreground, a laptop computer shows animation software with an aerial view of the animators.
A group of Tiny Circus participants of all ages sit at a long table with art supplies. The collaborators are all ages and are busy at work making characters and sets. There are colorful pieces of paper, scissors, and bottles of glue on the table.


We offer a variety of workshops to schools (K-12 and higher ed), artist residencies, and festivals. Check out our recent projects and get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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