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Tiny Circus is a project that practices using non-hierarchical methods for working on group projects. Most often, we use stop-motion animation, zines, and audio projects to do this work, building our methods with participants in our workshops and creative sessions. We aim to facilitate collaborative experiences for our project participants while making films that are meaningful and engaging for our audiences.

Tiny Circus hosts stop-motion animation workshops for all ages at schools and universities, art and film festivals, and museums and galleries. A core group of Circus members facilitates these traveling workshops. During the summer and winter, new and returning Tiny Circus does promotional work for organizations whose missions fit within the scope of our interests. The Circus has also been known to host intensive collaborative sessions during the summer and winter months in Grinnell, Iowa and New Orleans, Louisiana. These sessions function like residencies for adults who are interested in the Tiny Circus process.


The Circus takes a collaborative, non-hierarchical approach to creating animations. All workshop and Summer and Winter Session participants become part of the Circus.

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